Tuesday, May 25

Drive politely!

I know I get silly on this blog sometimes, but operating a vehicle ain't no joke, y'all! Crashes are a top killer in this country, and I ain't trying to die or kill nobody. That's why I don't play when I'm behind the wheel! You may be a good driver too, but that doesn't mean everyone else is. That's why I remain as patient as possible when I'm behind the wheel, and I'm always considerate of others!

If there's one thing I hate it's when I can't pull out onto a main road because traffic is so heavy. So when I see someone waiting to pull out of a gas station or whatever I'll be nice and slam on my breaks to stop traffic and let them out. Or if I'm busy with my phone at a 4-way stop, I'll just wave several cars through and yield right of way while I handle my business. Some people seem confused by this, then they proceed through slowly and nervously. I guess they're not used to people being gracious like I am!

Sometimes when I'm ready to leave a parking space I'll notice that some driver behind me has come to a stop and put on a blinker in my direction. While I appreciate his politeness in letting me out, I try to be the bigger person and wait for him to pass, which sometimes takes several minutes. If he doesn't go after a while I'll roll the window down, and signal with my hand for him to pass. Then I'll pull out of the spot when traffic allows.

A driver should be focused on the road, but it's also important to keep your passengers in mind. My kids often come along when I run my errands, and I know how bored they get watching the same old DVDs all the time. That's why I like to entertain them by doing some of their favorite things, like blowing through a red light, or racing teenagers from the county who meet in the Food Lion parking lot.

Of course we all had to deal with inattentive or aggressive drivers on the road. I don't waste time with passive responses, like swerving or honking my horn. When I see another driver acting the fool I move to a safe distance from their vehicle. Then I calmly follow them to their destination, and teach them a lesson that they won't soon forget. That way the roads stay safer for everyone!



LootBag said...

Something you should also do is consider driving at or below the speed limit in the passing lane. That slows down traffic and makes the roads safer for everyone!

MamaHaas said...

I used to take pictures of dangerous drivers and scream at them as I sped by "I HAVE YOUR PICTURE! I'M CALLING THE COPS!" Sometimes, I didn't even have film or a memory card in there.

Have you been taking GED classes? Your writing has improved quite a bit lately.

Another mom blogger said...

I am so glad that you're not only teaching your kids good manners BUT also rude people on the roads of America.

I am sorry that people don't appreciate how gracious and thoughtful you are. If only more people did what you do.

cmoursler said...

This is just awesome. Thank you.
I think also LEAVING your blinker on as you approach intersections teaches people not to take the whole 'turn signal' thing for granted as you go on through....patience, people...patience.

Dog Breath said...

I also find it educational to creep slowly into the intersection when waving the other driver through. It really makes them think and that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

WTF? You have a previous story about being pulled over by a cop, snorting some crushed up pill, chugging some JD and then smoking some pot. You fell asleep and wound up in a ditch...then you come and post this shit? You're a joke. I hope you get slammed by a drunk driver that kills your kids and paralyzes you so you can't have anymore.

Anonymous said...

That's just you all over Joss. Always thinking about others - you're a giver, Girl!
Try this one, if someone lets you into traffic or whatever it is curteous to give them a little wave of thanks.
However, if someone fails to give me the wave, I like to drive up beside them and force them off the road. Its just common courtesy and we can all help make this a nicer society to live in.

Anonymous said...

I have only read two of your articles and am utterly amazed at your stupidity! The fact that some people agree with this bullshit is also amazing. You slam on the brakes to stop traffic to let people in? I am going to assume you are exaggerating on this one and move on. You wave several cars thru at a 4 way stop wen you are on your phone? you think you are being nice, but you are pissing everyone behind you off. The people around you are confused because its NORMAL for people to take turns at a 4 way stop. Everyone you are "being nice" to is probably driving by you calling you a retard! Please stop posting your stories on the internet! and somebody posted that you should go at or below the speed limit in the passing lane? HOW DUMB ARE YOU? that doesnt make the roads safer! going 10 to 20 miles over the speed limit is not that big of a deal if you dont suck at driving and all you are doing is pissing people off, causing road rage! You generally just suck at life and if you got hit by a bus tomorrow, I would be incredibly happy!

Anonymous said...

Joss, you must be a saint. You not only give so much of yourself the way you treat others in your everyday life but then you take the time to come on here and counsel others as well. After all of that you put up with the ingrates that try to put you down. I know there is a special place in heaven for you.

As to you haters, I know that you folks are going to burn in the hell fires of damnation. Sure you see the wealth that Joss has both in wisdom and material goods yet you let the sin of envy overcome you. I pray that you see the error of your ways before it's too late.

Rev. Michael Hunt
1st Baptist Church of the Blue Ridges of Balsac Kentucky

Phil Usher said...

Whenever I notice somebody following closely behind me I always assume that is just their way of requesting a free "braking test for two." I stomp on the brakes as hard as I can to ensure that my brake pads and tires are able to quickly stop my vehicle. That way the driver behind me also gets to participate in the test. They usually thank me afterward for reminding them of this important check. I should do this more often.

cmoursler said...

My favorite thing about your blog are the clueless nits who are soooooo earnest.
too funny.

Bill said...

Whassup? Where HAVE you been? Did you get a hard judge with hemorrhoids too early on a Monday morning or something and so can't post from lockup?

You're my hero. Please don't leave me dangling so long again without fresh words of wisdom.

Anonymous said...


Another mom blogger said...

Oh my gosh Jocelyn, I agree with Rev. Michael Hunt. You're a moder day saint.

Today I saw this woman driving 30 in a 45 mph speed zone ( I was 8th behind her) and then at the 4-way stop she waited for everyone (all for cars!) to meet at the intersection BEFORE she went thru...I thought of you!!! I thought "Wow, this is what Jocelyn does, so polite and progressive!

May our lord in heaven bless you today and always.
Miss ya :(

1baddoggy said...

I can't remember the last time you went this long without posting. I can only assume you're in the slammer. You should really try blowing a guard for some internet access!

Anonymous said...

Internet access? In the Richmond City Jail? I take it you've never been a guest of the city, huh? Phone calls, letters, and video visitation rules there.

I'll call to see if I can put some money on Joss's inmate account.

Anonymous said...

Without your updates, my dick is falling off!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Jocelyn? I miss you!!

JPeaslee said...

It's been so long...I MISS YOU

Anonymous said...

Did you up and die you disguising twat? OR did you finally get tossed in the Richmond City jail? Howe about a new post for fucks sake?

Anonymous said...

Ok, where can I start with this?

"Some people seem confused by this, then they proceed through slowly and nervously. I guess they're not used to people being gracious like I am!"

It's because they're suspicious. Even if you wave them out, if you step on the gas and hit them, it's their fault because they didn't have right-of-way.

"Sometimes when I'm ready to leave a parking space I'll notice that some driver behind me has come to a stop and put on a blinker in my direction. While I appreciate his politeness in letting me out, I try to be the bigger person and wait for him to pass."

Next time, pull the fuck out so they can have your parking space. Dumbass.