Wednesday, January 28

My kids are a disappointment!

It's never easy being a mom. First your own parents disappoint you through your entire childhood. Then you have some kids of your own, and they're an even bigger disappointment! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I give 'em everything they need. Maybe my kids are just a bunch of duds. Let me describe a little of what I mean so you won't think I'm a terrible mother!

My three year old, little Jailen, is always a handful. The problem with her is that she don't know when to shut up! She points at everything and asks me all kinds of questions. I always say, "I don't know! Damn.", but she keeps doin' it, so she's obviously not getting the hint. That's when I make her take a time-out, where she has to stand in the corner until she falls asleep.

The problem with Brandon, my eight year old, is that he likes all these things like "High School Musical" and Disney Channel. He also likes to draw. I've encouraged him to take on more manly pursuits, but he refuses. He always wants hugs, but I know I'm not supposed to coddle him to much. That's why I've converted an old broom into what I call "the indifference stick". I make him hold one end while I hold the other. It keeps us at a comfortable distance that I think will be best for his development.

I'm proudest of my 15 year old, Darla. She's following in my footsteps and leaping into womanhood by accepting responsibility for her pregnancy. The only problem with her is that she's such a prude! She never wants to smoke or party with her mom (but she's more than happy to with her friends!). She also won't listen to me when I tell her that part time college courses are a waste of time! She's got a baby on the way!

You'd think this little rant would end there, but no, because even my new baby, Orenthal, has been wrecking my last nerve! He's always hungry! It doesn't matter if I'm smoking a cigarette or taking a shit, he wants to be right there at my bosom! Even when I'm at a bar having a drink I've got to sneak him in under my sweatshirt. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I make it up onto the stool he starts making noise and moving all around. I've been kicked out of three bars just since he was born!

Tuesday, January 20

Let's annoy conservatives!

Conservatives, for the most part, are taking this presidency change well. They've shown restraint, patience, and even a touch of class. Now that America is united once more, it's time for us to piss all over these stupid bastards! So I've thought up a few clever ideas for establishing our liberal dominance once again!

A good way to start is with their families. Use your access as a teacher or babysitter to teach their kids to talk like rappers and intellectuals. Convince their daughter to try lesbianism, communism, or single motherhood. Laugh at their son because he sucks at basketball. If possible, document and report on the youthful indiscretions of their entire family.

The conservatives I know work hard for what they've got. So they'll hate it when you vandalize things in the planned suburban development where they live. Or when you drink up all their delicious cranberry juice. Or throw runny chili all over their nice clean khaki pants. You can add insult to injury by scratching the hell out of their Bonneville with an SOS pad.

Sooner or later, these fools will begin to bitch about things that happen during the Obama presidency. When they do, remind them how this country was founded by liberals and drunks. Accuse them of being anti-American traitors. Tell them to leave if they don't like it, or better yet, to go start their own country.

At that point we should turn the screws. Take away their guns, booze, and softcore pornography. Appoint Marion Barry to the position of Drug Czar. Put gays in charge of the military. Bitch-slap Pat Robertson until his head implodes. Produce a prime time documentary which proves that stem cells could have been used to cure the ills of their heroes, Heston and Reagan.

The most important way to get at them is to punish them for the crimes of their political affiliation. So take the time to explain to them how their beliefs are ignorant and false. Install a dope garden in their basement and report them to the Feds. Dose them with LSD & force them to look right in the face of the cold, shallow life that they've led. Then break their voting hand with a meat tenderizing mallet.


Thursday, January 15

What a girl wants!

As I mentioned in my last post, Phil and I are gettin' hitched! He truly is the prince I've been waiting for! I figured that setting up a few ground rules was the only way to ensure that the fairytale continues. So I've laid out my demands, and Phil has accepted them! It's like a dream come true!

My first demand was a big fat rock for my finger. I told him that I wouldn't settle for less than a 2 carat stone. Phil came through like a champ with a gorgeous ring that must have cost him about 4 months of income from his plumbing business

I've also made him promise to buy me a new house. I've always wanted to live in a big planned community! Something without a bunch of ugly trees, and carpeted in beautiful fake lawns. I love the kinds of houses they have there. I think they call them "McMansions", probably because they're quick to build and totally awesome!

I assured Phil that even though I like the fact that he's an older, more mature gentleman, that distended old nut sack of his has got to go! But I'm not suggesting castration! A simple cosmetic scrotal tuck will do just fine. I'm making him an appointment with a plastic surgeon for next week.

I'm telling you, this is going to be a new start for us for real! So it only makes sense that a few changes should be made. That's why I've told Phil to have his old hound put to sleep. I'm not going to have that goddamn thing stinking up my new house, or barking at the neighbors who live 20 feet away.

There's one more condition, and this one was almost a deal breaker. But I wouldn't back down...not after all the cheating that went on with my last husband! I will not be made the fool! So starting the day after our honeymoon, Phil will be wearing a male chastity kit, which will be locked by me each morning, and unlocked each night upon his return home.

Thursday, January 8

My little bundle of joy!

I'd like to introduce the world to my new baby boy, Orenthal James Plumbs! My boyfriend Phil was kind enough to sign the birth certificate even though he isn't the real father. We're planning on moving in together and starting a new family. Soon we'll be married and my life will be stable again!

I didn't expect to have the baby so early! I'd gone out with my friends that night, and we were bar hopping all around Shockoe Bottom. I was so stoned on good weed that I didn't feel like drinking very much, but I did feel like finding some action! So I ditched my friends and left with this chubby frat boy I met at Tiki Bob's Cantina.

The kid took me back to his apartment, and we ate a whole bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. I convinced him to try these crazy semen pills I bought that are designed to increase the volume of ejaculate. We finished simultaneously, despite his poor sexual performance, and I was left sitting in a puddle. At first I thought it was just the pills, but then I realized that my water had broke!

I knew I had to move fast, so I smoked a cigarette, took a quick shower, and walked four blocks back to my van. I've had enough kids to know when they're about to pop out, so I thought I had time to stop at the McDonald's drive-thru for a snack wrap on my way to the hospital. Once I got through the line I headed straight to the emergency room. But suddenly it really started to hurt! Either this baby was on the way out, or my urinary tract infection was trying to kill me!

I knew then that there was no way I was going to make it to the hospital in time! So I drove a few blocks over to this physical rehab facility for the elderly that I had to bring Mother to a few years ago when she hurt her back. I pulled into the driveway and rammed my van into the door. I felt like I had to hold the baby in with my hands as I hobbled down the hall and leaped into one of the hydrotherapy tubs.

As soon as I hit the water I was giving birth to my new baby boy! What's weird is how that part didn't hurt at all! After a couple minutes of recovery time, I scooped him up in my fake fur coat and we headed for the hospital to be checked out. On my way there I called Phil and told him to meet us. Despite my joy, I did feel a bit sorry for whoever has to clean up that floater I left in the therapy tub.

Monday, January 5

25 Unpleasant places to stay!

The new company I'm working for compiles reviews and reports from customer satisfaction surveys. According to our annual records, these are the 25 worst places to stay in America.

1.Ralph's Flophouse for Uncircumcised Males
2.The Kingdom Comeshot Infidelity Motel
3.KKK Campgrounds and Recreation
4.Mountain View Chigger Nest & Breakfast
5.The Eurotrash Ball Sweat Hostel
6.Rush Limbaugh's Scat Shack
7.The Gushing Bedsore Cabins & Spa
8.Rancid Landfill Vistas
9.The Force-It Inn
10.A tent shared with Andy Dick and a flat-chested Thai boy
11.Rubber Sheet & Corn Oil Manor
12.The Body Temperature DNA Receptacle Motor Lodge
13.Silverfish Tower
14.Jesse Ventura's House of Headbutts
15.The Villas at Dannamora State Prison for the Criminally Insane
16.Unwashed Comforter Econosuites
17.German "Watersports" Fantasy Bungalow
18.Hourly Porno Sets of Central Miami
19.The Weary Traveler Who Suffers from Irregular Discharge
20.The Pillow Humping Migrant Worker Resort & Casino
21.DP Tapeworm's Long Stay Lodge
22.Annoying Chambermaid Luxury Jumbotels
23.The Cider Vomit House of Dublin
24.Lost Kidney Vacation Rentals
25.The pee-soaked couch in Vincent D'Onofrio's basement
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