Wednesday, August 27

I think she speaks for all of us!

Now here's a true patriot. Another graceful woman for Hillary! I almost cried when I watched this!

I hate to say it, but Hillary really let us women down by losing to Obama! Luckily there are still strong women out here with the class to stand up and shout about it!

I'm just glad that the press is starting to take notice! (new window)


Anonymous said...

I don't believe in Clintons for McCain. I think they're Republicans trying to pick up more voters. Nobody who really liked Clinton that much would not only vote for the guy who disagrees with just about everything she says, but disregard Clinton's own advice.

These women are cheap political tools, and they obviously like it.

maeghanjeanette said...

rofl @ people using six-year-old debate tactics.
"im not telling you"