Saturday, November 1

Birthday bowling blow-out!

Wednesday was Brandon's 8th birthday, so Phil and I took him, his sisters, and his little friend Andrew to the bowling alley. I had tried to invite some of his other friends, but their moms said that they didn't want to come because Brandon is a bully. That's okay by me, cause I don't really want him hanging out with boys who can't take a punch in the stomach.

On the way to the party we stopped off to throw my mom into a nursing home. The kids weren't too thrilled with it, and I certainly don't like giving up my full-time babysitter. But she needs to be looked after, because she's starting to become forgetful. You wouldn't believe the number of times she has forwarded me old stupid email jokes over the last 10 years.

She hasn't really wanted to babysit the kids much anyway, and it's kind of a pain to drive down the street to her house. So instead I just put the kids in their rooms and let Muffin out of the laundry room to guard the house. The brats won't set foot outside of their rooms when Muffin is on the prowl!

Luckily the kids were done crying by the time we arrived at the bowling alley. We got them all rounded up inside, and I payed for all our shoes. I love stupid rental bowling shoes. They have a way of bringing us all down to the same level. I think if a hot dog burp could somehow be transformed into a shoe, it would look like a bowling shoe.

Another good thing about a bowling alley is that you don't have to wash your hands in between throws and eating their tasty fried finger foods. And for some reason the beer just seems stronger than at home. I'm usually so shit-faced by the second game that I get the attendant to install the bumpers! They're happy to do it, because Phil is in a league team. That's like being a made man!

After our third game I asked Phil to get the kids into the van while I returned the shoes and paid up. While he was ushering them all out the door I shoved the bowling shoes into a little pile under some of the seats. I casually strolled across the room over to the other set of lanes, then cut a diagonal to the door when nobody seemed to be looking. As soon as I got out the door I sprinted to the van, and drove off.

One minute later and we're on the highway. As easy as it was, that little maneuver saved me about $70! The kids wanted to go to an arcade after that, but I had a better idea. I drove us over to the Toys "R" Us, and let them go inside and run wild. While they were gone me and Phil played "slap-and-tickle" in the van. If you ever wondered how condoms ended up on the ground in parking lots, well, now you know!


Ra said...

The only time I ever go bowling is when I need new shoes. I swap a pair of nasty dumpster worthy shoes for the bowling shoes, then I bowl one game and stroll out in my colorful new footwear.

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow your dog? Child care and baby siting is bankrupting me.

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna breed that dog because I need a babysitter too. And also it gets kinda lonely without my husband around.

Anonymous said...

i'm just stunned - do you read your own blog - babysitting dogs (can he work a fire extinguisher?), unsupervised children while you have sex in the parking lot...mmm..classy role model...good luck!