Wednesday, June 18

Mind your own business!

I can't believe what this bitch just said to me!

Our office is small, so our breakroom is nothing but a coffee machine and a microwave next to a sink, set towards the side of the main office space. We don't even have a fridgerator. The downside is that everyone has to smell popcorn or whatever else other people cook.

So I took my lunch break early today, around 11, and I'm over at the microwave heating up some fish sticks. They take a while because they were still a little frozen in the middle, and I like them crispy. Well the fans in the microwave blow the smell all over the office in no time.

Our front desk secretary Sarah came up to me and asked me if there was something less smelly I could make for lunch. She acted like she was joking, but I don't appreciate that shit. I told that bitch that it ain't my problem that we don't have a seperate breakroom! Then I told her about how everyone knows that she eats tuna mixed with plain yogurt every day. It gives her gas and she ends up farting in the copy room or behind the filing cabinets. That's damn sure worse than my weekly fish sticks!

I think she's probably still mad because of last week. I had given her some money to pay for my Chinese food delivery while I was in a meeting. The driver gave her hell because I had only given her enough money for the sesame chicken and crab rangoons, and he wanted a tip. She even had the nerve to knock on the meeting room door to ask me for tip money. I told her that I'm sorry, but that's all the money I got! Damn!


Anonymous said...

I knew it!
You don't tip. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

You jackass.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Blog about something else, something a little more, I don't know, interesting.
BTW: Everyone knows to NOT heat fish in a communal microwave. You're just being douchey once a week. You deserved a talking to.

and tip your damn delivery guy. cheap bitch.

Anonymous said...

it's "refrigerator", not "frigerator"

Jordan said...

You scare and disturb me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a pussy!

Anonymous said...

if my parents had raised me like u raise your children, i would be dead by now, if humanity turns into a bunch of selfish, lazy, uneducated, uninterested, ignorant people like you, i would invest my life to destroying humanity